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Current status Open
Checked May 15, 2012
Image:Open.gif Opened 1998

About Face Youth Camp is behavior modification facility located on 5786 New Way Home Road Connelly Springs, North Carolina 28612.

It is marketed as a boot camp styled summer camp. They offer summer programs lasting a month and a winter camp session.

They offer programs for both girls and boys aged 8 to 17, but the camps are gender separated.


Program structure

The offer 3 kind of programs:

  • Summer Boot Camps: Each program session is 30 days. Each team is max. 30 teenagers.
  • Winter Boot Camps: Each program session is 14 days. Each team is max. 30 teenagers.
  • 3 day one-on-one boot camp session in the home of the teenager.

In the news

  • In 2000 the camp was closed for a while due to a complaint about a boy, who was handcuffed on and off for three days. This incident reveiled that the camp was not properly licensed and they had to apply for a new license before reopening [1]. An article describe the conditions in 2000 as [2]:
A highly publicized boot camp in Burke County, North Carolina, operated by a former US marine, was closed in June 2000 after social workers substantiated an allegation that a camper was handcuffed for three days and officials determined that the facility was providing foster care without a license.

The camp received nationwide attention thanks to more than ten appearances on the Jenny Jones television talk-show by its founder, former marine Raymond Moses. Kids from as far away as California were sent to the camp. The youngsters slept outside in two-person tents surrounded by a chain-link fence. The girls had bathrooms, but the boys did not. The camp had no license and was subject to no government oversight.
  • The facility has also been used as entertainment in relationship with various episodes on the Jenny Jones TV-shows[3]
  • In 2001 a boy attending the camp was arrested on charges of theft [4].

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