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Abraxas Youth & Family Services is a national chain of treatment and residential facilities for kids with emotional and behavioral issues.

Some of their facilities is for wards of the courts only. Others can be used by families with private pay.

Residential services

As of november 2010 they run the following facilities and programs:

Name State Name State Name State Name State
Erie Residential Mental Health PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Unit Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center Texas Adolescent Treatment Center
Abraxas Academy Abraxas Center for Adolescent Females Hector Garza Center Leadership Development Program
Abraxas I Abraxas II Abraxas III Abraxas Center for Adolescent Females
Abraxas Ohio Contact Interventions DuPage Interventions Southwood Interventions
Woodridge Interventions Abraxas Youth Center Open Residential Firesetter/Sex Offender Program Schaffner Youth Center


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