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This database is maintained by posters on the Fornits message board.

The purpose is to keep a record of the behavior modification industry. In this database, the main purpose is to register location, ownership and target group of the individual facility or program. Additionally, a description of the methods / structure of the program is given. Consequences, possible accreditation and living standards are described where it is possible.

News coverage where the facility or residents / staff is mentioned is listed with references.

Finally, a list of links to the program, groups of former residents, and links to various message boards are provided.

People are free to add information or challenge incorrect information. Former residents are welcome to express opinions of their stay on the talk page, and add factual information about the facility in the article itself. Alternatively, they can write an article on a message board or in a blog and then link it to the datasheet of the facility or program where it took place.