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This Wiki contains information about programs for people under 18, which have used abusive methods against the children detained in their program or are under investigation by the Fornits forum for abuse. There are presently 1,182 articles in this database.

We support the protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act. While we don't distribute software or any other items, we need free access to any website and the ability to quote article with the use of deep-links. We acknowledge the individual intellectual rights to the authors but in order to spread awareness about the conditions of the teenagers forced to attend various residential programs and prevent deaths among these attendees, we need to be able to quote any article possible and we believe that the Stop Online Piracy Act will prevent us from doing that and as result we would be unable to save lives.


A number of categories have been created to make it easier to find the facilities or firms.

General categories Program types Geographical Large companies / associations Persons
Behavior modification in the media Wilderness Therapy World wide Aspen Education Group Persons [1]
Therapeutic Community & Synanon History Therapeutic Boarding School (U.S) Listed in state categories WWASP
Behavior Modification History
- Program History, from Synanon all
the way to second generation CEDU clones (Not completed)
Boot Camp The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) Alternatives to placements
Education Consultants CEDU - Most entries in this category are historical. Alternative solutions
Teen Escort Company Universal Health Services, Inc. - owns former CEDU programs
Roloff Homes - Christian Foster homes with an alternative
approach to Christian love and empathy
National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Sources and links

and webpages
Blogs Message boards [2] Community groups Opinions
Domestic prisoners of conscience End Child Abuse Now Bethel Academy Abuse Group, Yahoo groups Dont Send Your Kid Away (Facebook) If you have an opinion, please put it on the discussion page. Input is always welcome, but reserve the page itself for facts, because it makes it easier to read. Remember to include survivor groups for each facility, as it makes things easier for survivors to have someone who had been in the same situation to talk with.

Alternatively, you can quote yourself (ie. "according to one survivor 'such and such'". But it should be relevant and informational rather than "the place is a shithole". The Fornits forum is more suited for that.

Please be organized, or help organize cluttered information. If you don't know how to use a wiki, or don't know what a wiki is... google it.
HEAL-online I speak of Dreams End Institutional Abuse Wiki Folkebevegelsen for aktivt menneskevern No9.gif
Community Alliance For the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) The FICA Network Blog Fighting Institutional Child Abuse Network ( Secret Prisons for Teens Dk8.GIF
F.I.C.A. Fight Institutional Child Abuse Hephzibah Girls Blog Fight Institutional Child Abuse Group, Yahoo Groups Origin Canada - supporting those separated by adoption Ca.gif
Authorized Abuse Fornits Blog Fornits Forums for All Teen Programs
Youth Liberation Foundation Unsilenced project, stories written by survivors Kids of Bergen County and North Jersey Forum
Sisters of Survival ~ Former Hephzibah Girls Minors in residential placement research center Se.gif Straight Inc. Alumni Group, Google groups
Human Rights Violations at Hephzibah House! Banished Teens Struggling Teens & Parents Forum
Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA) Domestic prisoners of conscience Antiwwasp message boards
Secret Prisons for Teens Dk8.GIF Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA) BorgerDebat Dk8.GIF
Stopp overgrepene! Stop human rights violations against the families! No9.gif Folkebevegelsen for aktivt menneskevern (FAM) No9.gif
6'th Phase Stinkin' Thinkin', Muckraking the 12-Step Industry


  1. Individuals with relationships worth mentioning to the industry (so people can put a name of a face in their nightmare) have a category. Please put only factual and biographical information on the page and leave personal comments on the discussion page where they are welcome.
  2. Inside these forums, both positive and negative opinions exist. Please note that some of the people have been hurt and tormented during their stay, so expect to be offended by some of the statements.