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Hey, I just want you to know that although we usually revert/ban programmies on sight, your word choice and links to your own pages damn you enough to leave everything up. Your tie to NATSAP is also not a good thing. Here's hoping you wake up one morning, realize what you've done, and ride a .38 to Hell! Hatred 00:22, 26 September 2009 (UTC)

Entirely FALSE

My brother was admitted to DRA 6 months ago and never have I seen him more respectful, kindhearted and changed. As for myself, I've been to the grounds and they are gorgeous and the students are happy. There's no beating, or any form of abuse. This is certainly a place where troubled teens can go if they are in need of help. I hope you got your so-called facts from a source, because they're wrong. ----Preceding unsigned comment added by Maelove83----

I hope that you enjoyed the show. In fact the young people who showed you around was doing it in exchange for an early release, so you got all smiles and happiness. Look at the Facebook groups consisting of people who have been there. They can now talk freely because they don't have to fear for being sent back. The Osmond son took the stay so hard that he couldn't live on with it.

As for your brother, he will remain respectful and changed until he is 18 due to their warranty where they offer that they can take kids back for an ajustment for a small fee. Enjoy that time
Bot maintainer 19:19, 10 July 2011 (UTC)