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West Shield Adolescent Services is a Teenage transport company, which are located in Huntington Beach, California.



The have both male and female staff.


TypeInfo to be found on the website
Halfway housesNo information avialable
Parent handbookNo information avialable
InsuranceInformation about insurance can not be found on the webpage.

Methods used

ToolsUsed on clientsToolsUsed on clients
HandcuffsNo information avialableOther restraintsNo information avialable
LegironsNo information avialablePebbersprayNo information avialable
Transport hoodNo information avialableBaton electrical / non-electricalNo information avialable
TaserNo information avialable

In the News

They have been used in relationship with the Dr. Phil TV-show [1]

External Links

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  1. 17 and Out of Control, Dr. Phil show
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