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Current status Closed, sold
Checked November 5, 2013
Close.gif Closed 2009

Wilson Academy, sometime named Wilson Center, was a behaivor modification facility located in Faribault Minnesota. It was bought by Shattuck-St. Mary's School and converted into the Cannon River STEM School in 2009 [1]

Program Structure


Sometimes teenagers are sent there without the authorities thinks that there is a need for the treatment [2].

They are likewise not entitled to reimbursement for [Student]’s stay at the Wilson Center during the Summer of 1998, because there was no demonstrated need for it.

They are involved in treatment of gender indentities [3]

In the News

Lea Nikki Bacharach - daughter of the actor Angie Dickinson - was detained at the facility for 3 years [4]

In 1991 one of the leading staff members lost his license for 5 year due to a number of reasons [5]

In 1996 there was a riot where five boys escaped but were recaptured and returned to the facility [6]

In 2007 a thread on a forum is asking if someone has knowledge of the future use of the campus, which together with sale of the webpage indicate that the program has shut down [7] Other sources indicate a date of closure around 2001 [8]

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